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Polyurethane Millwork

Nu-Wood is a specially formulated polyurethane polymer that is molded
to exactly replicate common wooden millwork products. Because of the
process that we employ, we can replicate the finest details in the texture
of wood, and once painted our products are very difficult to discern from
natural wood.

About Nu-Wood Products

The standard density of our millwork products is similar to white pine. You can cut, saw, shape, route, nail, staple and screw Nu-Wood products just like wood…But, unlike wood, Nu-Wood provides a surface that will not crack, flake, blister or succumb to insects.

Nu-Wood’s attention to detail during the casting process results in products that are ready to install – right out of the box. Our special in-mold coating along with a factory applied coat of high-quality primer creates a superior and protective finish. Once installed, Nu-Wood millwork can either be painted to match the project or left in it’s original white – no repainting required. If you are working on a large project and custom, factory applied paint would be beneficial, Nu-Wood’s Classic Color Program can custom paint your parts any one of over 9000 different baked on colors to match your pallet.

Decorative Accents

The details in any new or existing building project are what can take it from “very nice” to “extraordinary”. Nu-wood’s vast collection of sizes and styles of brackets and dentil blocks will help you enhance any style of building while enjoying the performance of high-density polyurethane millwork.

Entry Systems

Nu-Wood Entry Systems are available by the component or as a complete system so that you can mix and match parts to create your own unique design – elegant or contemporary, or any other genre or combination you can think of.

Exterior Accents

First impressions really do matter, and that holds especially true for your home. Nu-Wood offers a wide variety of Louvers and Gable Pediments.


With a variety of styles and sizes readily available, any style home can be outfitted with this architectural queue that adds color and texture to any building. You can order them in any one of our standard colors or choose from an endless pallet of colors through our Classic Color Program.

Window Features

Nu-Wood has your windows covered with a variety of headers from very plain to very ornate for every design style that you might need. Just like all of our products, Nu-Wood’s Window Features arrive ready to install already painted with a factory applied white primer that is suitable to use as is. 

Masonry Products

Nu-Wood Masonry Products give you all the advantages of real masonry with none of the disadvantages. Unlike real masonry products, the High-Density Closed Cell Polyurethane used to mold the panels are impervious to moisture and will resist insect infestation.

PVC Column Wraps

Nu-Wood PVC Column Wraps are as beautiful as they are strong. Available in 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4” thicknesses, they will perform flawlessly for decades to come.

Moulding and Millwork

Moulding and Trim is a perfect product to be made of polyurethane whether it is to be installed inside or outside. Because it won’t rot, warp, split, and it is not affected by weather – you will never have to replace or paint your Nu-Wood trim.

Premium Services

A collection of our value-added services that enhance Nu-Wood’s offerings to its customers. Custom designs, custom fabrication, Classic Color Program – all services intended to make your life easier and your bottom line better.

How Can Nu-Wood Help You With Your Next Polyurethane Millwork Project?

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