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Nu-Wood Masonry Products give you all the advantages of real masonry with none of the disadvantages. Unlike real masonry products, the High-Density Closed Cell Polyurethane used to mold the panels are impervious to moisture and will resist insect infestation. Each of our panels is manufactured in our Northern Indiana facility, where we paint each one individually by hand so that just like nature – no two are the same (for many of our styles we have multiple molds that are slightly different for the same reason). Because we used natural stone and brick to make our patterns and molds, Nu-Wood Masonry panels are as beautiful as they are functional indoors or outdoors. Contractors won’t have to wait on a masonry subcontractor to show up or have a project stalled by the weather, and Nu-Wood Masonry Panels can be cut and attached with common tools using a screw gun and adhesive. Our Masonry Columns can quickly and easily add a touch of elegance and permanence to any home, yard, porch or landscaping project. They install as easy as sliding the lightweight column over a 4x4 and adding some adhesive and screws. Fencing and signage can easily be attached as well.

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Part# NW FS4830-XX
Height 48″
Width 30″

For the proper part number for Masonry Panels, add a dash and the color signifier to the end of the part number. So to order a Fieldstone panel in Limestone, I would add an “-LS” After the part number of NW FS4830 or NW FS4830-LS.  See below for each color that Castlerock is available in and the signifier.  The below images show the different colors for this panel style that are available – the caption indicates   Panel Style / Color / Color Signifier.  Lastly, keep in mind that no two panels are identical. For many of the styles, we use more than one mold, and each panel is individually painted by our artists.

Nu-Wood is simply easy to install decorative millwork products for the inside and outside of homes and commercial buildings.


Made from an advanced process of molding polyurethane, we can replicate the look and feel of wood while integrating the advantages of polyurethane products – namely it will never chip, peel or crack, nor is it affected by the weather or insects, (you can thank us in 15 years while you are watching your neighbors on ladders scraping and repainting their millwork). In most cases, our products are less expensive than a comparable millwork product made from natural wood. Ready to install right out of the box, Nu-Wood products assist builders to increase their bottom line, through labor savings and more productivity, all while giving their customers the look, quality, and durability that they demand. Ask us about the many textures that are also available. Additionally, all Nu-Wood millwork products come factory primed and can be installed with no further painting, or you can have Nu-Wood custom paint your products any one of the infinite colors available through the Sherwin Williams exterior line of paints.