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Masonry Panels

Each of Nu-Wood’s 8 different Masonry Stone or Brick Panels are available in up to 10 different colors:

Masonry Columns

Nu-Wood offers four different columns sizes to best suit your project and architectural style. Each size is available in many of the same styles and colors as our Masonry Panels.  
8″ X8″ x 44″

This 8″ x 8″ x 44″ NWBR844-RB column is shown with an optional CC10 Cap and 9″x9″x10″ Pedestal. The Column is finished in Rich Brown and the cap and pedestal are both standard limestone finish.  To cover existing posts, we can split the columns to make it easier to install as a cover on a 4x4 load bearing post. The columns can be stacked to reach your desired height.

Above is a 16x16x39″ Ledgestone column finished in Durango with an optional Flat Cap.

This is a 20x20x50 (Also available as a 20″x20″x73″) column. Useful on a large porch with a PVC Column Wrap to cover load-bearing posts, as part of a fencing system or to hold up a sign between two columns. It is shown with a Flat Flagstone Cap and a 23″ Pedestal

8X8X44 columns are a great way to dress up a load bearing 4×4 post.

Available in the following styles:

Classic Brick



Great to be used as bases for PVC Column Wraps.

Available in:

Classic Brick



Ledgestone Styles

Use in conjunction with PVC Column Wraps or with signage or fencing.


Classic Brick




Great for use with Signage and Fencing.

Available in Cobblestone only.